Building and Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast

The best way to find out if you’re potential new property has any issues lurking is with a Building and Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast. Avoid termite damage, wood rot or other hidden expenses that you may be up for, with one of our comprehensive inspections.  

At Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North, we specialise in providing combined pre-purchase building and pest reports using the latest technology to detect any issues.

We highly recommend you undertake a building and pest inspection as part of the conditions of buying a property and are more than happy to walk you through this process.

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Case Study – Inspection Results

For every inspection we conduct, we take many photos, all of which are sent through with your report within 24 hours of your inspection. Here we discuss some damage we found within a property on a recent inspection.

  • The first photo may look okay to the untrained eye, but when the inspector clears away the soil he finds extensive damage to the timbers below the soil and the start of a mud trail up the vertical timbers.
  • The second photo shows extensive damage to the framework concealed below soil.
  • The third photo shows termite damage to the floor framing above the wall structure.

These signs are very obvious to a Building and Pest Inspector however they would be easily missed by a purchaser during their inspection of the premises.

Advice on How to Lookout for Termite Activity

When timbers and weepholes are concealed in soil, vegetation, woodchip and stored goods, they allow access for termites to enter the frame work of their home.

Keeping the perimeter of your home clear from gardens etc. allows you to see the termites building their mud tubes to gain access to the dark damp areas they like to inhabit. Termites can cause a large volume of damage to the framework and cause the structure to become unsafe and very expensive to repair.

A Building and Pest Inspector will look for signs of entry to concealed areas and point out areas that require rectification. The inspector can also advise you of the best methods of keeping your dwelling free of the conditions that are inviting for termites.

Building and Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast

A building and pest inspection is the best way to know whether the property you’re looking to purchase has any issues or not.
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