Minor Issues a Building and Pest Inspection Can Find That Can Cost You Thousands

Everyone knows you should get a building and pest inspection before you purchase a home to find any big problems such as moisture damage, termites or foundation issues.

But there are lots of minor issues a building and pest inspection can find that can cost you thousands.

At Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North, we have found some common issues over our 40 years’ experience that will help you understand where the costs could be for your new home..

1. Movement in footpaths and concrete

Movement in concrete could be a risk as minor as a tripping hazard, or even as severe as an indication that movement may become more prominent in the future. This could  lead to major building works such as underpinning.

2. Fence damage

Worn out and damaged fences are easy to overlook and often can be hidden by plants and other vegetation. But, replacing a fence can be a real hassle, especially when you need to coordinate with neighbours. Fence repairs of rebuilds aren’t cheap and can cost thousands of dollars.

3. Rusting gutters or roof panels

It’s not something that can be spotted from the ground, but rust on roofs and in gutters can cause real issues if left untreated. If the damage is only minor, you might be able to salvage it with a quick application of kill rust. But in some cases, the rust may be too severe and entire gutters could require replacing.

4. Seals and grout

In showers, downpipes, around sinks and in between tiles, relying on your building and pest inspector to spot these issues could save you a lot of heartache and money. Replacing seals and grout can be a DIY job at times but, if it’s not spotted early, much more intensive repairs may be required.  

5. Minor repairs

Cracks in light fittings, damage to plasterboard or the ceiling and stiff windows and doors are all things that you might not notice during an inspection, but we do. Whether the fix is a bit of plaster and painting or a bit of WD-40, these minor repairs can really eat into your wallet.

Minor Issues a Building and Pest Inspection Can Find That Can Cost You Thousands

There are a lot of potential issues you might overlook, not think to check, or simply don’t see when you’re viewing your potential new home with rose coloured glasses.

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