What do Sunshine Coast Building Inspectors Check?

We cover every wall, window and crevice for discrepancies, but we often get asked the question what do sunshine coast building inspectors check? 

At Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North we don’t carry out a specific check for asbestos as part of our building and pest inspections. An asbestos inspection can be conducted separately with the right expert as otherwise arranged. 

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Client Case Study Property Inspection Imbil? 

When it comes to building and pest inspections, the results don’t always come up favourably. This is a big part of why we do what we do. 

A recent inspection at an Imbil property showed up a few issues that need to be rectified. Here is a bit more about our findings. 

Suburb: Imbil (Sunshine Coast) 

Property details: Split level fee-standing dwelling with north facing street frontage. 

Inspection findings: 


  • Crack to wall sheet join front room?requiring repair/repainting. 
  • Slight undulations to some flooring. 
  • Lower level toilet door does not comply with current safety standards. 
  • Head height to laundry door alcove and back door openings are not to minimum standard. 
  • Various doors require painting/touch up work. 
  • Main water pipe to building is leaking – highly recommend engaging a plumber for repair work. 


  • Crack to southern block wall?requires monitoring.  
  • External cladding – broken fibrous sheet?may?contain asbestos – highly recommend repair by tradesperson. 
  • Rust to various window awning sheeting requiring replacement. 
  • Wood rot uncovered on some external building fixtures. 

Note about Asbestos:  

Asbestos is not something that BPI can confirm or explicitly check for, rather we recommend that the client seek professional advice from an asbestos expert and get it tested. We recommended an inspection in this case as asbestos may be contained within the property. 

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What do Sunshine Coast Building Inspectors Check? 

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