Things a Building and Pest Inspector Can’t Check

At Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast we are as thorough as possible, but there are some things a building and pest inspector can’t check.

Whether it’s that we aren’t qualified to inspect the area properly, or access to the area simply isn’t available, our comprehensive reports will still take you through everything you need to know before purchasing a property.

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Electrical installation

All electrical wiring, meter box and appliances need to be checked by a qualified electrician.

We always recommend consulting a licensed electrician if you need further advice about anything electrical in a property.


Plumbing requires a different set of skills and training to building and pest inspections, so all plumbing needs to be inspected and reported on by a qualified plumber.

If you have concerns about the plumbing at a property it is recommended that a licensed plumber be contacted for further advice.

Air-conditioning units

Air conditioners fall under electrical items, and as such are something we cannot check. They also perform differently depending on weather conditions, so an issue may not be obvious every time it’s in operation.

We recommend all air-conditioning units  be serviced annually and air filters cleaned on a regular basis as per the manufacturers’ specifications.


If a property has a chimney, the flashings and brick deterioration, mortar erosion and lack of support may not be visible due to height restrictions.

All fire boxes or fireplaces need to be burning fuel to test if the units work correctly. This test is outside the scope of an inspection and it is recommended that if a property has these components, that they are fully tested and inspected before purchase.

Hot water units

While we are not plumbers, we do include a visual report of the condition of the hot water unit and will recommend that a licensed plumber should be consulted for further advice if it’s required.

We cannot test pressure relief valves on freestanding hot water units as this valve may break, seize or leak due to lack of testing over a period of time.

Swimming pools and pool fencing

The owner/seller of a home is required to provide you with a pool safety certificate at the time of sale. This can only be issued by a licensed pool safety inspector. If the pool does not have a pool safety certificate before entering into contract, the seller must give the buyer a form 36 – notice of no pool safety certificate.

Obstructed areas

If an area such as a roof space cavity, the back of wardrobes and cupboards or the crawl space under a house is not accessible, or obstructed, then we can’t inspect it.

Things a Building and Pest Inspector Can’t Check

Although we provide a complete and thorough inspection of your property, there are some areas which we are not qualified to assess. We can however provide recommendations for the best people to use for the job.

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