Why is Water Damage a Red Flag When Buying a Home?

You have finally found your dream home and want to move in straight away, but there’s a problem. Any kind of damage can be cause for some alarm, but why is water damage a red flag when buying a home?

For Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast North, finding water damage in a property is a big part of why we stress the importance of undertaking a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

While it’s not a fun job telling clients we found damage, we take pride in doing our job to the best of our ability to keep you informed before you make your biggest investment

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What Are The Dangers of Water Damage in a Home?

Aside from causing cosmetic damage, the problems with water damage in a home can go much deeper:

  • Water can easily be absorbed by the foundations of the home putting the entire structure at risk.
  • Movement on the structure brought about by an inundated foundation can create cracks on the walls that weaken the integrity.
  • If flood prone, then erosion is a risk.
  • If the drainage system is poorly-designed, there is a chance for sinkholes to develop and plants and landscaping to be destroyed.
  • Health risks – Water can contain toxins, bacteria and chemicals which can be harmful to humans plus, these areas of the home are likely to attract bugs and rodents that can have further health impacts to the homeowners and their family.

How Does a Building Inspection Find Water Damage?

While uncovering water damage is not ideal, it’s important to know as much as you can before purchasing a property. Undertaking an inspection is the best form of reassurance.

  • Sometimes the damage is not easily visible because it’s inside or behind the walls. Examples of this are leaks in the pipelines, electrical wirings, wood framings and furnishings.
  • We use a thermal imaging camera and moisture detection equipment as part of our inspections.
  • A trained eye can also spot swelling of timber and painted areas affected by water damage.

Why is Water Damage a Red Flag When Buying a Home?

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